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Stillness &

Alignment of our seventh Chakra is vital for true spiritual awareness, strong faith, mental prowess, Divine Inspiration & Universal Love.

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 Alignment of our Chakras is vital for perception, cognitive clarity, attunement with Divine instruction and memory.

Spiritual Snacks and Elixirs

Ayurvedic Truffles

Divinely delicious, high vibration, Orbs of conscious nourishment to support the alignment of your body, soul, mind and practice.

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Sophisticatedly delicious formulations brimming with adaptogens, potent herbs and medicinal mushrooms to nourish and align your body, soul and mind!

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WOW im experiencing Chakra Chai as the next level fuel- food nourishment! This is soul tonic and revitalizing body systems food. The scent alone will lift you. During a visit with friends I asked for some caffeine as I felt the drowsy midday let-down. I was offered INSIGHT Chai (6TH Chakra). Within minutes I felt refreshed and clear .. and the Chais are absolutely delicious with so many flavor layerings.. just exquisite! Really beyond words. All ingredients are top level. Just TRY IT!!


Intuition + Nature. A beautiful and potent combination that fuels and aligns mind, body and spirit with nourishment. I rarely choose one until they are in front of me and then trust whichever one I need at the moment. It's a sweet little gift I like to give myself. You can feel the intention & love that went into each of these special creations. Hard to pick a favorite, but I'm loving the TRUTH.

Los Angeles

Having the experience of sampling each of the Chakra Chais was like tasting the rainbow. Each one has an energetic synergy of balancing herbs & foods. I felt a slight effect from each one.


FLOW - Sacral Center - 2nd Chakra. We dropped in as we tasted the chai and felt the sensations. I closed my eyes & felt at home, comforted and warm in my pelvis. It was not just a belly comfort, but an energetic settling. A release of tension, an unwinding of tangled strands. Light flowed openly. Thank You!

Los Angeles

I was having a lot of stress and a big decision to make, when a friend offered me a bottle of Chakra Chai´s Insight and within a few minutes I felt calm and my mind was literally lifted.


Chakra Chai is a necessity. The heart that is felt (and tasted) in every product is a testament to the mission, vision, and intention of the founder(s), staff, and investors. Every time I consume the SUPERDRINKS, I feel as if I’m drinking sound. If sound came into form as a beverage, Chakra Chai Ayurvedic Superdrinks would be it.


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